Due to personal issues in her life, as well as an overburdened schedule, S.E. has decided to leave the Ænigma Project.  This is an amicable situation and we wish her the best!  Hopefully as time permits, she will visit us again as a co-host.  Until then, you are stuck with me…lol… Thankfully you also have Sushi and Springwolf to balance that out.  Lol.  We are thankful to have Springwolf  join us in this insanity.  We may not have the original crew that we started out with, but that’s part of radio.  Things happen, people change or they move on to different things.  It’s neither good nor bad…It’s just reality.  So having said that, we will be moving forward and attempting to make each show the best it can be.  If there is a subject you would like for us to discuss, please send it to paul@aenigmaproject.com.  We love hearing from you guys and welcome your input.