I have finally uploaded our discussion on Satanism to iTunes.  If you don’t use iTunes, you are in luck!  You can also go to the Tenacity Archive and listen, or you can use the Tenacity app.  I’ve also started putting the shows on our blog at www.aenigmaproject.com.  You can either listen directly from the blog post itself, you can open it up in a new window and still surf while you listen, or you can listen to the player on the side.  All kinds of ways to catch up on our show.  If you listen from the blog post, it is HTML 5 so you can stream it on an iPhone or iPad.  Please listen and let us know what you think.  Again, I apologize for the sound quality.  New computer, new program to run the show.  Still working out the bugs. 🙂  Also, don’t forget to check out the blog on a regular bases as we will be updating it with upcoming topics, guests, and goings-on.

Thanks to all of you who listen to the show and a special thank you to those who join us in the chat room!  You guys are awesome!  Please email any questions or comments to paul@aenimgaproject.com.  And don’t forget the show is live every Monday 9 PM EST.