Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask a quick favor of you all!  Please help me advertise the shows that I work on.  The Ænigma Project is an internet radio show that is LIVE every Monday at 9PM EST on the Tenacity Radio Network (past shows are on iTunes). I also do the SEPS Paranormal Podcast which is on iTunes.  Give them both a listen but also, spread the word to your friends that like the paranormal!  Help us grow these shows and make something BIG out of them.  Springwolf and Sushi put a lot of hard work into these shows and I’m very thankful for their help, but there’s only so much 3 people can do to promote. 🙂  That’s why I need everyone’s help.  Please blog about, re-post our shows or leave positive feed back on iTunes.  Every little bit helps and is great appreciated.  We have some really great listeners who show up in the chat room every Monday!

Also, if you would like to advertise on our show, go to and look for the ADVERTISE WITH US! tab. It has a lot of information on who to get in contact with.  We would LOVE a sponsor!!!!

So please, if you don’t mind, take a moment to let your friends and/or family know on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and all other social sites about our shows!  We appreciate each and every one of you!  And if you can think of a way for me to get the word out, please let me know.

Paul Cagle