I’ve been asked by several people, why do hauntings mostly happen at night? And I always tell them the same thing. They don’t. They happen during the daytime as well. Usually this answer surprises them until I explain. At night, there is less going on to distract you, therefore you are more aware of activity taking place. During the day, you can explain away odd sounds as the children playing, the neighbor next door being too loud or a loved one in the next room. At night, you are hyper-aware of your surroundings thanks to TV shows that feature True Crime home invasions or ‘based on actual events’ movies. And of course there’s the plethora of ghost hunting shows showing demonic and paranormal activity.

Add to that the fact that at night you are very aware of every sound in your home, hoping it doesn’t wake the kids, or worse, it’s not actually one of the kids getting up sick. You move quietly through the darkness of your home, respectful of those that are sleeping, and that’s when you are more aware of noises and activity. Most people are put off by the dark anyway and you have a moment that is ripe for heart-pounding fear.

Paranormal activity takes place during the daylight hours, probably as often as night time. We are just braver during the day. While the sun is up, we also have soccer practice, home work, dinner or TV to distract us. We don’t pay attention to that creak behind us, or the person that we only saw for a second out of the corner of our eye. It was just the house settling or some foreign object messing with our vision. We blink several times to get the offending particle out, and clear our eye sight. But at night…we take it seriously and it scares us.

I’m sure some of you are asking, ‘Well if paranormal activity happens during the day, why do you investigate at night?’. That’s a valid question. And the answer is… at night we can use Infra Red and/or Ultra Violet cameras. To explain further, you have normal vision, which is the light spectrum that we see in everyday. On one side of that spectrum, you have Ultra Violet light, which the human eye can not see, but certain cameras can; and on the other side, you have Infra Red. Again, the human eye can’t see this, but certain cameras are made to do so. Adding both of these spectrums, with our cameras, adds to the evidence we are capable of capturing. This gives us a greater range of possibilities when it comes to evidence gathering. Not to say that we will capture something every time, because honestly we don’t. Sometimes it’s a case of right-time, right-place.

So, hopefully, to put your mind at ease, if you aren’t being absolutely plagued by spirits during the daytime, then you are probably all right at night. But if you are being harassed, then call a legitimate paranormal group to help you determine what sort of entity you are dealing with so that you can make an educated decision on how to handle the situation. Not all entities are mean-spirited, and not all activity happens at night. Hopefully this post will give you a different way of looking at things, and maybe clear up some questions you’ve had.