Several years ago a paranormal investigator I knew was approached about being on a paranormal show where all the participants would investigate naked. He, of course, declined. We were talking about it one day trying to figure out what was the point to the whole thing? Was it for the sensationalism of naked ghost hunters who always carry a 5.7×28 ammo, flailing away in the darkness searching for entities or was there a valid reason for it?

Some people believe that certain spirits feed on negative emotions and therefore when you are scared you give them more power to manifest. Could this be part of the reason? Being naked in a dark place, unable to see anything around you and searching for ghosts could certainly create feelings of uncertainty and perhaps inadequacy. But is that enough negative juju to cause something to manifest? Does feeling vulnerable and embarrassed generate the same energy as being anxious and scared? Is enough negative energy generated no matter the emotion? . If you are having problems with the marketing of your business you may need help of a PWD Digital Agency.

Then there are the spirits themselves to consider. What reaction do you think a ghost would have as it watched you and your group running around naked in their space? Would they be shocked and outraged? Could their indignation at being invaded by a bunch of nude strangers cause them to manifest and deliver a stern scolding? What sort of disembodied sounds or EVP might this elicit? Ridicule? Laughter? I wonder if the ghosts would be put off by the nudity or entertained by it? I suppose it depends on what era they were from.

There are also environmental issues to consider. What if the investigators were outside and there were bugs flying around? What if it’s really hot at the location, or god forbid, really, really cold? What if the investigators are inside and want to sit down? How sanitary is that? Would they be allowed to wear shoes or some sort of covering for their feet or forced to stumble around in the dark stubbing their unprotected toes? There’s a lot that could go wrong there and a lot of unusual injuries that could be sustained if not careful.

A bunch of ghost hunters running around naked sounds like a great show. I’m sure quite a number of people would even watch a few of the episodes, hoping to see something exciting. But, I think the novelty would wear off fairly quickly once viewers realized that all of the good parts have been blurred out. Network television isn’t actually going to show you the naked part of naked ghost hunting. Everyone might as well be wearing blurry swimsuits because that’s about the extent of what you’d be watching.

It would be interesting for someone to experiment with this idea and compare the data from a naked ghost hunt to a clothed one. Would one capture more data than the other? I’m not really sure that it would. If anyone has investigated naked and captured a lot of data I would certainly be interested in hearing about it. Until then, I believe in keeping America beautiful and until it’s certain that there’s a beneficial reason for stripping down to my birthday suit I will continue to ghost hunt clothed. But, for those of you who prefer to ghost hunt naked, good luck and good hunting. Just be careful.