The Ænigma Project is Moving!

That’s right!  The Ænigma Project is moving to in 2016.  We would like to thank Beckah and Katie Boyd at Tenacity Radio for everything they’ve done for us but sadly January 1st, Tenacity is going away so that they can focus on other ventures.  With everything switching to the new method, we’ve made it easy for you to catch every episode of the Ænigma Project LIVE.  Visit and join in the chat room.  It’s easy!


4 Year Anniversary Show-Podcast

Hey everyone welcome to the Ænigma Project 4 Year Anniversary Show. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years.  On this episode Spring, Sushi and I discuss some of our favorite and least favorite topics, shows and issues with the show through the years.  We also have some news that we share.  Download and listen to find out we have to say on this topic.



The Orpheum Theatre

New Aenigma Logo WebWelcome everyone to the latest Ænigma Project. On this episode we have special guests Eric Aldridge and Colleen O’Hara-Epperly of Pocatello Paranormal Research and Magic Valley Paranormal in Twin Falls, Idaho. Eric and Colleen share with us their investigation at the Orpheum Theatre and other tales of their experiences with the paranormal. You’ll definitely want to listen to this one.

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