The Ænigma Project is Coming Back!

The Ænigma Project is Coming Back!

That’s right, the Ænigma Project is returning to your ear-holes on October 2nd, 2019 and their topic will be The Amityville Horror.  Join Paul, Sushi and Spring as they reunite to give you aural pleaseure with yet another rousing paranormal topic.  I know they are looking forward to it, hopefully you will be as well.

The Orpheum Theatre

New Aenigma Logo WebWelcome everyone to the latest Ænigma Project. On this episode we have special guests Eric Aldridge and Colleen O’Hara-Epperly of Pocatello Paranormal Research and Magic Valley Paranormal in Twin Falls, Idaho. Eric and Colleen share with us their investigation at the Orpheum Theatre and other tales of their experiences with the paranormal. You’ll definitely want to listen to this one.

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The Ænigma Project: Updates and Shows

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know, if you haven’t seen all the recent posts, that I have updated the Ængima Project Blog with all of the latest shows.  You can now find all of our most recent episodes on the blog and on iTunes.  Those shows include:

Police and Psychics

Haunted Paintings and Photographs

Shamanism, Reiki and Alternative Forms of Healing

Curses and Cursed Items

I will be releasing our EVP and Disembodied Voices show later this week.  It turned out really well and I think everyone enjoyed it in the chat room and listening live.  We also had a great co-host for that episode.  We had Gaz Davies from P.R.O.O.F Paranormal from the UK.  It was great having him on the show and we look forward to having him back!

There are multiple ways you can listen to the podcast version of The Ænigma Project.  You listen directly from the blog with the player on the side, you can listen from the blog on the individual podcast post or you can subscribe and listen via iTunes.  You can also now find The Ænigma Project on STITCHER Radio!  There is no excuse not to listen. 🙂

Our next topic for Monday, September 24th will be Cults.  We will discuss what makes up a cult and some of the more active cults in today’s modern world.

If you have questions or comments you can send them to or leave a message on our voice mail line, 423-521-2930!


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Help Us Grow Our Shows!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask a quick favor of you all!  Please help me advertise the shows that I work on.  The Ænigma Project is an internet radio show that is LIVE every Monday at 9PM EST on the Tenacity Radio Network (past shows are on iTunes). I also do the SEPS Paranormal Podcast which is on iTunes.  Give them both a listen but also, spread the word to your friends that like the paranormal!  Help us grow these shows and make something BIG out of them.  Springwolf and Sushi put a lot of hard work into these shows and I’m very thankful for their help, but there’s only so much 3 people can do to promote. 🙂  That’s why I need everyone’s help.  Please blog about, re-post our shows or leave positive feed back on iTunes.  Every little bit helps and is great appreciated.  We have some really great listeners who show up in the chat room every Monday!

Also, if you would like to advertise on our show, go to and look for the ADVERTISE WITH US! tab. It has a lot of information on who to get in contact with.  We would LOVE a sponsor!!!!

So please, if you don’t mind, take a moment to let your friends and/or family know on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and all other social sites about our shows!  We appreciate each and every one of you!  And if you can think of a way for me to get the word out, please let me know.

Paul Cagle

Check out the Changes on the Blog

Hey everyone, when you get a chance, come check out the changes I’ve made to the blog.  Let me know if there is something that you would like me to add, or something that doesn’t work.  You can listen to the Ænigma Project  podcast directly from the blog.  You can also listen directly from the post on an iPhone or iPad.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

And don’t forget to check out the Ænigma Project LIVE every Monday night at 9PM EST, only on the Tenacity Radio Network.


The Ænigma Project Podcast:Satanism

I have finally uploaded our discussion on Satanism to iTunes.  If you don’t use iTunes, you are in luck!  You can also go to the Tenacity Archive and listen, or you can use the Tenacity app.  I’ve also started putting the shows on our blog at  You can either listen directly from the blog post itself, you can open it up in a new window and still surf while you listen, or you can listen to the player on the side.  All kinds of ways to catch up on our show.  If you listen from the blog post, it is HTML 5 so you can stream it on an iPhone or iPad.  Please listen and let us know what you think.  Again, I apologize for the sound quality.  New computer, new program to run the show.  Still working out the bugs. 🙂  Also, don’t forget to check out the blog on a regular bases as we will be updating it with upcoming topics, guests, and goings-on.

Thanks to all of you who listen to the show and a special thank you to those who join us in the chat room!  You guys are awesome!  Please email any questions or comments to  And don’t forget the show is live every Monday 9 PM EST.