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Things That Go Bump in the Night

I’ve been asked by several people, why do hauntings mostly happen at night? And I always tell them the same thing. They don’t. They happen during the daytime as well. Usually this answer surprises them until I explain. At night, there is less going on to distract you, therefore you are more aware...

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Paul and Julie on Ghost Brothers May 6th, 2016

Tonight, May 6th 2016 10 PM EST, check out Destination America's Ghost Brothers where Sushi (Julie Kurtz Kunesh) and I will be investigating aboard the Delta Queen with Dalen, Juwan and Marcus. We had a great time and want to thank the guys, the production team and Pilgrim Media for allowing us to...

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Animals Possessing People-Podcast

Join Spring Wolf, Sushi and Paul Cagle as they discuss Animals Possessing People.  Everyone has heard horrific stories of demons possessing people and making them do unspeakable things, but is it possible for an animal to...

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