The Ænigma Podcast

Aenigma Hands 600X600Welcome to the Ænigma Project podcast episodes for 2013.  Click on one of the links below to be taken to the  episode and the corresponding blog entry.  The episodes are in order from most recent to oldest.  Please send any questions or comments to or call our voice mail line at (423) 521-2930.

Paul Cagle

 You can also find our shows for 2012 HERE and 2011 HERE.



Secret Societies

The Mary Celeste, Cursed Ship

Weird Coincidences

Psychic Detectives

Anneliese Michel, The Truth Behind the Exorcism of Emily Rose

21 Grams, Weight of the Human Soul

The Paranormal Shakti

Mysterious Disappearances and Spontaneous Involuntary Human Vanishings